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Resident Information Archive

If you paint your own mailbox and lamp post, or that of a neighbor, please BE SURE to use only the color described here.  We want to be sure the mailboxes and lamp posts are a uniform color throughout the community.

Yard Lamp Repairs
Replacement of lamp post bulbs and light sensors: Call Joe Foster 239-218-7714

Mailbox Repairs and Flagpole holders
Mailbox doors have a closure spring that eventually breaks after thousands of openings. It is important to replace them as soon as they are discovered as they usually result in a broken door, which is a much more expensive repair. Call Dennis Shelley 239- 887-1042. The cost of installing a new spring is $34. If the door casting breaks, it costs an additional $112 to repair the door. Dennis also has specially manufactured flag pole holders to match the lampposts. They are available for $89 installed. Your mailbox and lamppost can also be repainted for $49, which will bring them back to their “like new” appearance.

Repainting Mailboxes and Light Posts
A number of residents have asked about the proper color to repaint mailboxes and lamp posts. 
The original paint is no longer available as the manufacturer has gone out of business. We have settled on a "matte black" acrylic outdoor paint available at many local home supply stores such as Home Depot.