Eagle Ridge Property Owners Association of Fort Myers Florida

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About Us

Welcome to the Eagle Ridge Property Owner's Association Website. The Association is a  not-for-profit organization for the benefit of the Eagle Ridge Home and Condominium owners.

Eagle Ridge Board of Directors 2018-2019                              

John Spiegel, President   305-804-3051
Christine Leslie, Vice President  239-292-7182
Peggy Jermyn, Secretary/Treasurer  701-388-0420
Hewitt B. McCloskey, Jr. Director   239-225-6609
Kathy Furlong, Director   847-373-2040

Committees                                                          Board Liaison
Arbitration Board                                                  John Spiegel
Steve Norris Chairperson
Architectural Control                                         Hewitt B. McCloskey, Jr.
Rick Jermyn, Chairperson
Deed Of Restrictions                                         Hewitt B. McCloskey, Jr.
Kathy Furlong Chairperson 
Election/Mailing Committee                               John Spiegel
Steve Norris Chairperson
Golf Committee                                                    Hewitt McCloskey
Gary Melillo, Chairperson for Men
 Fran Danek  and Phyllis Wayco,  Co-Chairpersons for Women
Golf Liaison                                                              John Spiegel
 Steve Norris, Chairperson  

Holiday Decorating
Gail Newmark, Chairperson                                 John Spiegel


John Spiegel, Chairperson                                     John Spiegel

Maintenance and Beautification                           Hewitt B. McCloskey Jr. 
TBD, Chairperson
Security/Safety                                                          Peggy Jermyn
Connie Hope, Chairperson
Social                                                                            Peggy Jermyn
Sherri Holly, Chairperson

Surface Water Drainage                                           John Spiegel

Christine Leslie, Chairperson
Welcoming                                                                   Peggy Jermyn
 Arlene Cabai Schuetz,  Chairperson
 Eye of the Eagle                                                           John Spiegel
  Editor (currently open)


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